Our association

Mariam Elevate Awareness

A Swiss non-profit Association

Mariam Elevate Awareness is an a-political non-profit association incorporated under Swiss law, established in Geneva in December 2017, has been recognized as being of public utility by the Cantonal Tax Administration.

The goal of the association is to target and raise collective awareness of curent global issues which affect the livelihoods, health, human development and dignity of populations around the world, notably children, by facilitating the realisation and the implementation of social projects.


The chosen modality of the association is primarily video-based communication, presented through social media and documentary format, channelled through international television networks.

  1. Analysis of the necessity and fit of a project in accordance with the Association’s mission and objectives.
  2. Identification of potential partners and facilitating the making contact with local organizations.
  3. Conducting analysis and due diligence of potential partners.
  4. Collaboration with our selected interfaces and partners.
  5. Organization of occasional events to raise awareness of particular situations in selected regions in collaboration with local partners, familiar with indigenous, local realities on the ground. Such events will also generate awareness of existing technologies available which can assist the targeted populations.
  6. Coordinate fundraising according to projects and needs.
  7. Production of video content after successful project roll-out and implementation to report on the utilization of funds raised for reach project.
  8. Production of 26 minutes long documentaries and distribution of these documentaries across the channels of various televisions and social media networks.